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Working Widget Technology
Working Widget Technology


Custom laser cut stencils

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Create your own custom stencils. These Mylar stencils are perfect for bakers to apply fun designs to their cakes, hobbyists to apply airbrushing to their models, or apply logos to your boxes and products.

Laser cut your designs today!

Laser engraving brings a whole new level of depth and precision to your designs. We can quickly take your designs and apply them to a variety of materials. Working Widget Technology works with materials such as plastics, wood and fiber products. Check out our online catalogue to see materials we keep in stock.

Working Widget Technology is great for architects, engineers and home hobbyists who need a quick and easy-to-use system to get their designs made. Use our laser system to cut small scale model parts, add 3D textures to plastics or cut out mechanical parts for robotic and RC projects. We have worked with a range of customers from engineers of R&D companies to individuals needing custom lettering for a home project.

Click on one of the materials to the right and send us your computer-generated drawing and we can get started on your project today!

Laser Cut Taskboard® Bridge
Laser Cut Taskboard® Bridge
Working Widget Technology

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Available Materials

Craft Plywood

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